Kelly L. Patterson

Cornell University

Department of Sociology

323 Uris Hall

Ithaca, NY 14853

Kelly L. Patterson

Ph.D. Candidate

Areas of Interest

Organizations, Economic Sociology, Historical Sociology


David Strang (Chair), Pamela Tolbert, Martin Ruef, Sarah Soule

Curriculum Vitae


I am a PhD candidate in the department of sociology at Cornell University. My research focuses on the role of the social structure of organizations in explaining trust and appraisal processes, with an emphasis on the impact of historical changes in identity and categorical or status-based expectations. His dissertation explores the shifting salience of group affiliation as it relates to the assignment and quality of commercial credit ratings in the late 19th century.

Publications and Manuscripts in Progress

Ruef, Martin and Kelly Patterson. 2009. “Credit and Classification: The Impact of Industry Boundaries in 19th Century America.” Administrative Science Quarterly, 54, 486-520.

Ruef, Martin and Kelly Patterson. 2009. “Organizations and Local Development: Economic and Demographic Growth among Southern Counties during Reconstruction.” Social Forces, 87, 1743-1776.

Strang, David and Kelly Patterson. “Asymmetries in Experiential and Vicarious Learning: Lessons from the Hiring and Firing of Baseball Managers.” Submitted to Administrative Science Quarterly, May 2010.

Working Papers

Patterson, Kelly and Wesley Sine. “From Deviant to Normative: The Emergence of Commercialized Science in US Higher Education.” To be submitted to Organizational Science, Fall 2010.

Patterson, Kelly. “Credit Evaluation and Organizational Context: Decision-Making and R.G. Dun and Co.” (from dissertation)

Awards and Honors

2008 Kauffman Dissertation Fellowship in Entrepreneurship — One of sixteen national recipients.

2008 Alfred D. Chandler, Jr., Travel Fellowship Award, Harvard Business School — Awarded for archival research in business and institutional economic history.

2007 Summer Intensive Ph.D. Seminar in Entrepreneurship — Invited participant (with scholarship) in week-long seminar on the state of entrepreneurship research.