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Donald P. Hayes


Professor Emeritus

B.A. Pomona

Ph.D. 1959 University of Washington

Donald P. Hayes

Professor Emeritus

Areas of Interest

Donald P. Hayes (1927-2006) was a professor in the Cornell Sociology Department for most of his career, starting in 1963. His web page is preserved here in order to retain the historical information it contains, as well as links to downloadable databases and research papers.


As in the case of grammar, the constraints on our perceptions of self, of others, and of events are largely inaccessible - outside our consciousness. In natural texts (speech, books, and magazines), powerful statistical regularities constrain our word usage. My earlier research established a lognormal model for those regularities; variations in speech and writing from the lognormal pattern were measured by newly developed software (QLEX), and a 5000 text corpus was developed to interpret the meaning of those variations. My current research capitalizes on this earlier research to test: (a) several rival models for the course taken by pre-school children during their convergence on to adult-like speech (their lexical development) - as revealed in their speech in the home; (b) the link between the "dumbing down" of schoolbooks by publishers after World War II and the wholly unexpected and subsequent decline in US SAT verbal achievement scores beginning abruptly in 1963 and continuing to the present; (c)what causes American students to avoid high school science courses (now, 1 in 3); and (d) a dynamic biological model for competition for subscribers in the science/technology publishing industry - predictions based on the magazine's general accessibility (its 'lexical niche').


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